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Our Inspiring Story

At Güd Performance, our journey began with a shared vision and a burning passion for transforming the athletic landscape in New England. As local athletes ourselves, we witnessed firsthand the lack of high-quality training resources for young athletes in our communities. We knew deep down that it was time to pave the way for change and create a new standard of excellence.

Otto and Troy, are no strangers to the world of sports. They were once local kids, rising through the ranks and making a name for themselves as standout athletes in multiple sports. Their exceptional talents ultimately led them to compete at the Division 1 level and even experience the professional sports arena.

Through their rigorous training and relentless pursuit of greatness, Otto and Troy acquired invaluable knowledge and expertise that they used to enhance their knowledge of athletic performance training. However, what truly set them apart was their unwavering belief that talent knows no boundaries, and small-town origins should never be a hindrance to achieving big dreams.

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Coaches who practice what they preach.

Otto Zaccardo
Troy Shallow
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